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The mission of the Olde Providence Elementary School Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) is to raise funds to provide a healthy, challenging and enriching environment that maximizes the learning experience of every student at Olde Providence Elementary School and prepares them to succeed in the 21st century.

We accomplish this with the cooperation of parents, teachers, students, alumni and the community by:

  • Mobilizing broad community support, fostering collaborative projects with community partners and attracting private funds through donations, grants, endowments, and memorials; and
  • Providing financial support for needed equipment, facilities, curricular and extra-curricular programming, specialty educational initiatives, and faculty enrichment programs to bridge the gap created by insufficient government funding to our public schools and to help meet the community’s expectations of an exemplary education for every student at Olde Providence Elementary School.

The Foundation’s Values and Guiding Principles

The following values and guiding principles guide the routine operations, decision-making, and future planning of the Foundation.

The Foundation is committed to:

  • A comprehensive approach to fundraising and responsible stewardship of all funds;
  • Operating ethically, with the utmost professionalism and integrity, and with clarity, transparency and accountability in all that we do within the Foundation and in the community;
  • Providing a safe and healthy physical environment for the students of Olde Providence Elementary School;
  • Funding projects that have the potential for broad (i.e. across grade level and across the community) and/or long-term impact;
  • Being flexible, adaptable and responsive to changing community and educational needs;
  • Working in partnership with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district to understand educational priorities that will inform, but not dictate, the Foundation’s funding decisions; and
  • Continual improvement and organizational renewal through on-going self-assessment, planning, and board development.

The Foundation believes:

  • Public schools like Olde Providence Elementary School are the foundation of our communities and should be universally supported;
  • In community involvement, volunteerism and investment in public education;
  • In educating the whole child including a focus on physical, social, emotional and intellectual development to prepare them to become citizens and leaders of the 21st century;
  • All students regardless of ability, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic status deserve the best education the community can deliver;
  • In the transformative power of elementary school education for students at all levels of readiness, ability and achievement; and
  • Elementary school education should be challenging, enriching, inspiring and fun.
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2018 Runners of Tomorrow - Let Me Run and Girls On The Run

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In 2018 Start 2 Finish is again partnering with Let Me Run and Girls on the Run to empower the running community of tomorrow.


Let Me Run inspires boys through the power of running to be courageous enough to be themselves, to build healthy relationships, and to live an active lifestyle. We nurture and celebrate every aspect of what it really means to be a boy, and we let them run.


Girls on the Run inspires girls. One girl put it this way, "I learned that I am the boss of my brain." Girls on the Run inspires girls to take charge of their lives and define the future on their terms. It’s a place where girls learn that they can. No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable.

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2018 Olde Providence Foundation
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